Two Practical Ways To Personalize Your Rental Bathroom

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Two Practical Ways To Personalize Your Rental Bathroom

10 November 2014
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One of the greatest things about being a renter of a place like The Heathview Apartments is that you don't have to make a long-term commitment. You can sign a lease and move without nearly as much effort as it takes a homeowner to sell their home. However, this lack of commitment can really limit your options when it comes to decorating your space, particularly your bathroom. Bathrooms in many rentals have little character and are just flat out boring. Fortunately, there are some bathroom upgrades you can perform without violating your rental agreement.

Frame your Mirror

Most apartment bathroom mirrors are pretty much the same. They're a large, square piece of glass mounted to the wall with mirror clips. While they serve their purpose well, they do little in the area of enhancing the look of the space. Framing your mirror is one way to add a level of uniqueness to your bathroom, without causing any damage. First, measure the size of your mirror as well as the amount of space you have surrounding the mirror.

Head out to your local hardware store and use these measurements to have four pieces of wood cut. When choosing your wood, choose a lightweight option, such as balsa or cedar. Lighter wood will be easier to affix to the wall, minimizing the chance of damage. You can stain the wood, paint it or even bedazzle it, whatever you like. Mount the frames around the mirror and just like that, you have a custom bathroom mirror.

Install Beadboard

Provided your rental agreement allows you to place nails in the wall, beadboard can help add a lot of character to the space. Traditionally, applying this coating to a wall takes a lot of work. However, there is a fast and inexpensive way you can get the same look, without all the effort and risk of damaging the walls. Measure the area where you want to install the board.

Visit a hardware store and have sheets of particle board and beadboard cut to size. Using an adhesive, secure the beadboard to the particle board and let it dry. Next, attach the covered particle board to the wall using small nails. Paint the nails the same color as the beadboard for a more professional look. When you're ready to move out, remove the nails and the particle board will come right off, leaving the wall undamaged.

You can customize your bathroom without causing damage. With a little effort on your part you can turn your rental bathroom into a space that is uniquely yours.