Features To Consider When Choosing A Storage Unit

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Features To Consider When Choosing A Storage Unit

2 January 2015
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A storage unit, such as Campbell Creek Mini Storage Ltd, is an excellent way to store your belongings and valuables if you are limited on space at home or you're preparing for a move. However, before you rent a unit, it's important to ensure that the storage facility you choose will keep your items safe and sound. Consider selecting a unit that offers any or all of the following features and benefits.

Climate Controlled Storage

If you're storing temperature-sensitive valuables or perishables, you undoubtedly need to find a climate-controlled unit. These storage units keep your belongings safe from fluctuations in temperature and humidity to avoid risks like:

  • Yellowed paperwork and photographs
  • Corroded electronic components
  • Warped wood
  • Musty odors in fabrics and upholstery
  • Brittle cords and equipment

The best way to maintain the condition of your sensitive belongings is with a balanced interior climate which can be found in a climate-controlled unit.

24-Hour Security and Surveillance

Be sure to rent a storage unit at a facility that provides customers with 24-hour surveillance cameras and secured building access. Find a storage facility that is equipped with state-of-the-art security technology to avoid theft or vandalism of your belongings. Plus, high-tech security features keep you safer when you're on the premises during non-business hours.

Well-secured storage facilities offer features like:

  • Gated or fenced-in perimeter of the property
  • Electronic pass codes for entry
  • 24-hour surveillance cameras in all areas
  • Door alarm signals that contact emergency responders
  • Ample lighting throughout the facility

Easy Access for Over-Sized Belongings

If you're storing over-sized items, choose a facility that offers easy access to your unit without the risk of damaging your belongings. Some storage facilities provide extra-wide door jams and hallways, large loading docks and covered loading zones that protect your belongings from the weather. The last thing you want to do is damage a valuable item while trying to maneuver your way through a narrow door, right?

As you peruse your choices for self-storage units, pay attention to any added value benefits each facility may offer to customers. For example, some facilities provide access to a free moving truck which can be extremely helpful when transporting your items into storage. Additionally, some storage unit facilities accept mail deliveries for rental customers and offer moving supplies like boxes and packing materials.

A storage unit can be a hassle-free, affordable alternative when your home lacks adequate storage space. As long as you carefully examine the features and benefits before signing a rental contract, you can rest assured that you made the right choice when choosing a storage unit.