Shhhh! How To Deal With Noisy Tenants

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Shhhh! How To Deal With Noisy Tenants

8 January 2015
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If you are a property manager, you have probably had to deal with noisy tenants and the neighbors who complain about them. If you are stuck on how to deal with these situations, here are some ways that can help you handle the problems that are fair for everyone:

Refer to the Dispute Resolution Policy

Property owners or managers should always have a dispute resolution policy in place in the event of a situation like this. This is a policy that is meant to handle issues that arise between tenants in a calm and professional matter that is beneficial to all parties. Most policies involve contacting the accused tenant to let them know that a complaint has been lodged against them. Without divulging who the complaining tenant was, you should let them know that all tenants are entitled to have quiet during certain periods of day.

Once you have ended the conversation, immediately email the tenant to confirm your conversation. If the tenant continues to cause a disturbance, have the complainant file a report with the local police, which could lead to eviction of the noisy tenant.

Bring the Tenants Together for a Meeting

If you don't have a dispute resolution policy, or if you think the problem can be handled without going that far, you may want to bring everyone together in your office to discuss the problems and ways that they can be resolved in a way that makes everyone happy. This could include the two parties coming to an agreement about when absolute quiet time is needed, particularly if there are children involved who are unable to get adequate rest. This can often work, as the noisy tenant may have had no idea that their actions were so disruptive.

Offer to Relocate One of the Tenants

Sometimes there are instances in which noise is inevitable. This is especially true for those who live on the bottom floor of an apartment unit. If, for example, the unit above has no carpeting, simple footsteps of the upstairs neighbor can become disturbing. This is not the fault of the upstairs neighbor, as they often have no control over whether or not their apartment has appropriate flooring.

In this instance of when a tenant is not intending to be noisy, you may want to offer another unit to the complaining tenant. This will likely be an inconvenience to them, so be sure to offer some incentives such as money off the next month's rent or help moving their belongings.

Dealing with noisy tenants can be a challenge for any property manager (working for Connelly & Company Management Ltd or otherwise). Be sure you have a clause in the rental agreement that addresses noise and what can happen if tenants cannot adhere to appropriate noise ordinances deemed appropriate for the property.