Keeping Your Office Free Of Pests (While Still Enjoying Your Lunch)

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Keeping Your Office Free Of Pests (While Still Enjoying Your Lunch)

20 January 2015
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If you work in an office environment, you and your coworkers may keep small snacks or quick lunch meals in your work area for those days you're unable to go out for lunch. However, loose food kept in desk drawers or cabinets can attract less desirable guests -- including rodents, cockroaches, or other pests. How can you keep your work area pest-free while still enjoying a leisurely lunch or snack at your desk? Read on to learn more about how pests can be controlled (or even totally prevented) in office environments.

Secure your food

One of the reasons pests like rodents and roaches are such a problem for humans is that they have evolved over millions of years, and have figured out ways to outwit (or render ineffective) many common prevention methods. Many mice have learned how to steal cheese from a trap without triggering it, while cockroaches and other insects have become immune to a number of commercial pest control products.

However, a mouse or cockroach would have to work tirelessly and display quite a bit of unlikely intelligence to pry its way into a sealed plastic container. If you keep snacks in their original cardboard boxes or plastic wrappers, you may wish to purchase several plastic containers to secure these items. As a bonus, sealing snacks in plastic can help keep them fresh longer.

Empty your own trash

If you tend to throw your trash away in your office wastebasket, this habit may need to change. If your office's wastebasket isn't cleaned and changed on a daily basis, a better idea may be to deposit any food waste in a central receptacle that is emptied on a daily basis, or even an outdoor trash can. The longer food sits around, the more likely it is to attract pests. 

If possible, you may wish to invest in a lidded trash can rather than an open concept. Although some small insects can still make their way inside through tiny cracks, these cans tend to discourage rodents and larger vermin.

Enlist assistance

Even if you and most of your coworkers follow the above recommendations, one "bad apple" can attract enough vermin for an entire office. You may want to request that your employer hire an extermination service (from companies like Vancouver Pest Control Ltd) or look into monthly pest-control treatment that can ensure that pests are kept away, even when not all employees follow the recommended sanitation guidelines.