Protecting Drinking Glasses During Shipping

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Protecting Drinking Glasses During Shipping

28 January 2015
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Drinking glasses are prone to breakage, and if you plan to ship them, proper packing is essential if they are to be transported without damage. You will need paper to stuff your drinking glasses as well as bubble wrap. Choosing the correct box is also an essential part of the packing process. The proper use of each of these packing materials will be outlined below, so that you can get these delicate items to their destination without breakage.

Protecting Hollow Glassware

The insides of open glasses must be stuffed. You can use any kind of paper that you can find. However, shredded paper works best. In order to prevent breakage at the mouth of drinking glasses you should carefully wrap around the area with paper. If you are shipping wine glasses be sure to wrap paper around the stem of these glasses.

After stuffing and wrapping the glassware with paper, you can wrap them gently in a layer of bubble wrap to further reduce the chance of breakage. Make sure that you tape all the loose ends on the bubble wrap gently, in order to prevent it from sliding off during shipping.

Choose A Small Box

Small boxes are best even if you are shipping a lot of drinking glasses. It is safer to pack several small boxes even when shipping a large quantity of drinking glasses, because smaller boxes are easier to manipulate and move around than large ones. This helps to reduce the risk of breakage. Place cushion foam at the bottom of the box before you add any of the wrapped glassware. You should also place cushion foam in between each piece of glassware that you pack. Double check after packing to see if there are still any empty spaces and fill them up with some more cushion foam. After that, you should check for movement in the box. In order to check for movement in the box, use the following technique:

  1. Seal the box lightly with one layer of tape.
  2. Lift the box gently.
  3. Shake it lightly.
  4. If you can still feel movement, remove the layer of tape and add more cushion foam inside the box.
  5. If there is no movement then it is time to seal up the box. You should add at least three layers of tape to ensure that the box is properly sealed.

Packing drinking glasses carefully and using padding to protect them is the best way to ensure that they do not get broken during shipping. If you want to have a professional ship them for you, contact Meyers Transport Ltd.