3 Things You Must Do After Your Purse Is Stolen

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3 Things You Must Do After Your Purse Is Stolen

2 February 2015
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If you're like most women, you probably carry all sorts of things in your purse, such as your wallet, keys, and cellphone. Having your purse stolen is not just a violation, it also presents a risk to your identity and personal safety. When your purse is stolen you have to act fast to protect yourself. As soon as you realize your purse is gone, go through the following steps.

Contact Your Bank and Credit Card Companies

Credit and debit card fraud is rampant in society, and if a thief has your purse he or she also has access to all of your cards. Contact your bank and credit card companies as soon as possible to cancel your current cards and order new cards.

Set Up a Fraud Alert

Even after you cancel your credit cards, you may have personal information, such as your driver's license, in your purse that a thief can use to compromise your identity. Ask your bank and credit card companies to put a fraud alert on your account, and let the major credit reporting bureaus know about the situation so they can put an alert on your credit reports.

Contact a Locksmith

Most women have their house keys, car keys, and mailbox keys all on one keychain. When your keys are stolen along with your purse, it can cause you huge problems. If you want to limit potential issues, contact a reputable locksmith immediately.

If a thief has your wallet with your drivers license in it, they have your address and the key to your house. Even if you have extra house keys available, it is a really good idea to have a locksmith either replace or re-key the locks at your home if your keys are inside your purse when it is stolen.

After a theft you will have new credit cards and debit cards mailed to you—do you really want this type of mail being sent to your mailbox when someone else has a copy of your key? Ask your locksmith the replace the lock on your mail box and give you a new key for your own peace of mind.

Hopefully you have an extra key to your car, but if you don't an automotive locksmith can re-key your ignition. Even if you do have an extra key for your vehicle, it is not a bad idea to ask a locksmith such as Ottawa Key Shop to make a duplicate car key to replace the one that was stolen.