Three Quick Ways To Make A Dark And Dreary Apartment More Appealing To Residents

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Three Quick Ways To Make A Dark And Dreary Apartment More Appealing To Residents

5 August 2015
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Are you trying to rent out a dreary-looking, dark apartment to no avail? You don't necessarily have to spend a fortune on repainting or remodeling the whole place in order to find a tenant. As long as everything is in good working order, there are several simple fixes that will make the space feel more inviting and open, and thus make it more appealing to potential residents.

Just paint the trim.

If the walls of the apartment are dark-colored and that's what's making the space feel dark and dreary, surely painting the walls a lighter color is an option. However, it can be difficult and time-consuming to paint over a dark color with a lighter one. If you're short on time, just paint the trim a light color, such as white or cream. You'll want to paint it with a primer first, so the darker color does not show through.

Dark walls with light trim look much less dreary than dark walls with dark trim. In fact, light trim in a dark room gives the space a sort-of artsy appeal that younger tenants will love.

Add some task lighting.

Perhaps your apartment's layout simply does not let a lot of sunlight shine in the windows. To lighten the place up, add some task lighting in addition to your ceiling lights. Examples of task lighting to add include:

  • Tap lights underneath the cabinets that shine light downward onto the counters.
  • Pendant lights that hand down over the kitchen island or the area where the dining room table will be.
  • Sconce lights mounted on the wall in the living room.

Add some light-colored rugs or mats.

Often, potential residents won't like an overly dark apartment simply because it does not feel welcoming. A good way to make it feel welcoming, while also lightening up the overall look, is to add some light-colored rugs or mats throughout the place. You can tell the tenant they'll be removed before he or she takes over the place, or you can leave them there for your tenant to use -- it's up to you. Their purpose is to make the place look more appealing when you're showing it.

A light-colored area rug can brighten up an entire living room. Also place small mats in the kitchen and bathroom, and a welcome mat near the entryway, if these areas need some lightening up.

Don't fret if your dark apartment in any way is turning tenants away. With the tips above, you can lighten it up and make it more appealing in just a day or two.