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Starting a Business: Finding the Right Location

After years of saving and planning, I finally opened my own retail establishment. Before I could do so, I spent a lot of time looking at real estate options. With the help of a commercial property management firm, I did find a storefront with a great location, and enough room for my business. The agent at the firm helped me a lot by creating a profile of the type of commercial property I needed. We went over details such as lighting, display space, and even the number of electrical outlets. With the profile in hand, she found several properties that were worth considering. If you are setting up a new business and need space, let me explain why working with a property manager makes sense. I'll tell you more about how we worked together to find a place that met all my needs, including the rental cost.


A Couple Of Commonly Asked Questions About Professional Moving Services

10 February 2015
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Moving into a new home can be challenging and stressful experience to undertake. Luckily, there are professionals movers that can handle the bulk of the physical work, and this can allow you to focus more of your efforts on starting your new life off on the right foot. However, many people have never used these services for a move, and this means that there are probably a couple of questions that they may need answered before contacting these individuals to schedule a moving date. Read More …

3 Steps for Emergency De-Cluttering

5 February 2015
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It happens to everyone. Sometimes homeowners think they have a home that is the perfect size to fit all of their belongings, family members, and pets. Yet, one day you might discover that there isn't quite enough room. This is when it's time to de-clutter your home immediately.  Use these three steps to start the de-cluttering process right now!  1. Throw Away Trash and Junk Some people have been letting junk pile up in their homes simply because they haven't had the time or energy to haul away their large junk or have someone else haul it away for them. Read More …

Save Your Carpet From Flood Damage

4 February 2015
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A flood doesn't mean you have to replace your carpet. Basement seepage, rain water, and burst supply pipes are relatively clean and sanitary. Your carpet only needs to be replaced if the water contained harmful contaminates, such as those from a broken sewage line. Even with a clean flood, you will need to act quickly to prevent mildew or permanent carpet damage. Act Quickly If the flood came from a clean water source, such as a broken water supply pipe, you can begin the process of saving your carpet as soon as the leak is plugged. Read More …

3 Things You Must Do After Your Purse Is Stolen

2 February 2015
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If you're like most women, you probably carry all sorts of things in your purse, such as your wallet, keys, and cellphone. Having your purse stolen is not just a violation, it also presents a risk to your identity and personal safety. When your purse is stolen you have to act fast to protect yourself. As soon as you realize your purse is gone, go through the following steps. Contact Your Bank and Credit Card Companies Read More …

Protecting Drinking Glasses During Shipping

28 January 2015
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Drinking glasses are prone to breakage, and if you plan to ship them, proper packing is essential if they are to be transported without damage. You will need paper to stuff your drinking glasses as well as bubble wrap. Choosing the correct box is also an essential part of the packing process. The proper use of each of these packing materials will be outlined below, so that you can get these delicate items to their destination without breakage. Read More …